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Second Presbyterian Church

Since 1990, The Crump Firm has provided Second Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian Day School (PDS) with extensive master planning, architectural and interior design services. These services include a complete overhaul of the sanctuary, adding a balcony that increases the seating capacity by 700 seats, the incorporation of a fellowship hall, the addition of classrooms for PDS and the Sunday school, and a 60,000 SF multi-use activities building for outdoor and indoor fitness activities.

A 700-seat Fellowship Hall was also added to the campus, creating much-needed space for musical performances, performing arts and large fellowship dinners and meetings. Acoustical and lighting considerations were paramount to this renovation.

Other projects include a new large nursery and the conversion of the original gymnasium to a large fellowship hall with expanded food service facilities, a complete renovation of the original classroom building for new classrooms and all administrative departments of the Church, as well as a large addition to the original classroom building.

After extensive traffic studies, reconfigurations were made to driveways, parking areas, sidewalks and landscape areas.  Two dangerous driveways between existing buildings were eliminated and replaced by enclosed, usable building connectors.  The Crump Firm also recently completed major renovations to the Sanctuary, such as increasing the number of seats from 1,000 to 1,700, requiring a major demolition and reconstruction of most of the Sanctuary building.



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