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Since 1988, The Crump Firm has designed seven new buildings for Memphis University School beginning with the Sue Hyde Sports & Physical Education Center. From 1995 to 2000, The Crump Firm provided master planning services for new and renovated buildings, athletic fields and other sports and recreational facilities. The firm's master plan included designing two new campus entrances with a guard house/welcome at the Ridgeway entrance. From 2000 to 2014, The Crump Firm designed the three-wing building for the Dunavant Upper School and renovations and additions to the Fine Arts wing.

Completed in 2002, the new 40,000 SF Campus Center at Memphis University School includes a 400-seat dining hall, a 130-seat distance-learning center, an outdoor athletic track and field and a new outdoor amphitheater/Greek theater.
The new Upper School Academic Building houses faculty offices, 26 classrooms and a Technology Center. The original MUS administration building constructed in 1956 inspired the main portico entrance with Georgian neo-classical architecture. 

The Morrison Courtyard of the Upper School is an academic mall, a gathering space for students between classes. The rotunda off the main lobby of the Upper School features a large skylight and the MUS school crest inlaid in the flooring.

The 200-seat Stokes Stadium was completed in 2005 and a new four-court indoor tennis center was completed in 2014.

“From the beginning a decade ago, you guided us patiently as we programmed our needs and our wishes for Memphis University School, and the product you produced has exceeded even our very highest expectations. What you have done over the years has had a transformational effect on students, faculty, alumni, and parents. Your work has always been creative, inspirational, and professional. There is a sense of inevitability to all that you have done. More than that, you have been sensitive, flexible, and honest to our need for cost effectiveness.”

– Ellis L. Haguewood, Headmaster







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