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International Paper - International Place Tower III

International Place Tower III is the most recent addition to International Paper’s Global Headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. Resting amid two existing towers and an award-winning courtyard, it serves as a hub of international commerce activity and, for those involved in the design process, as a monument to architectural ingenuity. The Crump Firm designed the eleven-story, 234,000 SF IP3 Tower to meet the expanding needs of International Paper including offices, conference rooms, training rooms and dining facilities.

Envisioned during the design of the original two International Place towers, IP3’s exterior granite was bought and warehoused in the mid-1980s with the intent that its construction would strictly mimic that of the earliest towers. However, inclusion of seismic criteria to the Memphis building code in 1994 made the initial design legally unacceptable. In designing the IP3 Tower in 2000, The Crump Firm team had to completely overhaul the original structural design in order to adhere to the strict exterior dimensions needed to utilize the warehoused granite and to aesthetically match the existing towers.



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